Rubber Road Hump UV Resistant 50MM

Rs. 1760/- + TAX

Description Rubber Road Hump -UV Resistant-50 MM  are made of Carbon Black Mixed rubber, with additive of LDPE for reinforcement and UV resistant coloring agent or pure epdm,
Supplied by Unnathi Suppliers - Bangalore, Glass elements/ reflectors to provide better visibility in the night, Grooved surface to help better rainwater drainage. Four Metal washer bonded grooves for fixing Bolts to anchor the hump to the road Used near the Main gates of any building complex / apartment / company to reduce the speed of the moving vehicle can be used near security check post, or any negligent driving or over speeding vehicle may cause damage to the gate

Offer Price is only for Mininum - 50 Mtrs and Above

The Price indicated  for Rubber Road Hump -UV Resistant-50 MM - 1 Meter Length

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Products Details

Specifications for Rubber Road Hump -UV Resistant-50 MM

Dimension : 500x350x50MM
Reflection : Reflective Glass Beads
Color: Black and yellow Combination
Capacity : 20  Ton
Weight : 14  Kg/Mtr 


Installatin of Rubber Road Hump.................. Terms and Conditions of Supply................

Installation : Rs.350+18% GST / Meter.

Applicable for Delers area and Bangalore only

Minimum  : 5 Meters

1. Payment : 100% With PO / NEFT / RTGS/ CASH
2.Tax : GST 18%
3. Delivery : with in 2 Working Days FROM PO.
4. Transport : To Pay / Extra As Actuals
5. Stock of Material : Ex Stock @ Mathikere-Bangalore


For Site Visit and Inspection in Bangalore Call us on : M: 080 23606148 / Other Cities Dealers  

Installation Areas  for Rubber Road Hump -UV Resistant-50 MM

speed humps @ Parking Blocks
speed humps @ Appartments
speed humps @ Hospitals
speed humps @ Shopping Malls
speed humps @ Software Buildings
speed humps @ Sub Way Roads
speed humps @ Service Roads
speed humps @ Basement Ramps
speed humps @ Main Gate
speed humps @ Drive Way Paths
speed humps @ Basement Parkings
speed humps @ Industrial Pathways



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