Convex Mirror 600MM Dia

Rs. 2800/- + TAX

Convex Mirror 600MM Dia dealers in bangalore :

These mirrors are used for blind turns in basement or exterior
parking and shop floors or warehouse wherever there is movement of equipment
such as fork lifts, cranes. Convex mirrors can also be used to check the
level of contents in storage tanks/chambers.

Wide View Convex | Diameter 24 In |  Approx. Viewing Distance 52 ft | Viewing Angle 180 Degrees | Lens Material Acrylic | PVC Hood | Hood Color -Orange / Red.

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Products Details

Installation Areas Convex Mirror 600MM Dia  :

  • Convex Mirror @ Parking Blocks
  • Convex Mirror @ Appartments
  • Convex Mirror @ Hospitals
  • Convex Mirror @ Shopping Malls


  • Convex Mirror @ Software Buildings
  • Convex Mirror @ Sub Way Roads
  • Convex Mirror @ Service Roads
  • Convex Mirror @ Basement Ramps
  • Convex Mirror @ Main Gate
  • Convex Mirror @ Drive Way Paths
  • Convex Mirror @ Basement Parkings
  • Convex Mirror @ Industrial Pathways


Installatin of convex mirror dealers in bangalore Terms and Conditions of Supply................

Installation Wall : Rs. 250+18%/No|

Pole : 500+18%/ No

Only for Bangalore and Dealers Area only  

Minimum  : 2 Nos.

1. Payment : 100% With PO / NEFT / RTGS/ CASH
2.Tax :GST-18%
3. Delivery : with in 2 Working Days FROM PO.
4. Transport : To Pay / Extra As Actuals
5. Stock of Material : Ex Stock @ Mathikere

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  • Convex Outdoor Mirror
  • Road Convex Mirror 24inch
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  • Full Dome Mirror
  • Road Safety convex Mirror
  • Traffic Mirror
  • Traffic safety Mirror
  • Convex Mirror Traffic
  • Convex Mirror 45 Cms
  • Road Convex Mirror 80 cm
Product Description for convex mirror dealers in bangalore

Protect your premises with Superior Mirror acrylic convex safety/security mirrors.
Made from the finest quality materials, convex mirrors allow 160 degrees of vision.
Each mirror comes complete with fully adjustable hardware for quick and
easy installation. Acrylic mirrors are durable and shatter-resistant.
Ideal for monitoring blind areas and precarious situations in Retail,
Convenience Stores, Warehouses, Shipping and Receiving, Offices, Schools,
 Home Safety. Shatter proof acrylic rectangular and round convex mirrors
 for increased safety outdoors. Can be used for blind spots in driveways,
 increase visibility in parking lots or garages, safety for offices, schools,
  retail stores and more.

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